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Electraphonic Recording is a full-service recording studio, and offers full music production and engineering services for all media—including film, tv and advertising. We offer both analog and digital recording, and have a large and unique selection of vintage microphones, outboard gear, keyboards, amplifiers and drums.The studio features an MCI 416B recording console—the same console used in the 1970s by Muscle Shoals Sound, Criteria Studio in Miami, Willie Mitchell's Royal Studio, Allen Toussaint’s Sea-Saint Studio in New Orleans and King Tubby. We also have a Scully 280 1" 8-Track Tape Machine used at Stax, American Studios, Fame Studio in Muscle Shoals, Ardent, and on classic albums such as Pet Sounds and Electric Ladyland.


Click here to read an article about the MCI at Mix Magazine

Click here to download a .pdf of the MCI JH 416 user's manual

equipment hed
MCI 416B 24 input console

Scully 1" 8 Track Analog
Scully ¼" 2 track Analog
Ampex 351 mono full track ¼” Analog – from the estate of Les Paul
Protools with Aurora Lynx Converters

Vintage Neumann U87
(2)RCA DX77 ribbon mics
Altec 639B – from the estate of Les Paul
Peluso 2247 LE with Telefunken EF14 Tube
Peluso P67
AKG 451 vintage original matched stereo pair with ck-1 capsules
Cascade Fathead II Ribbon mic
Many great dynamic mics by EV, Shure, Altec and various oddball mics

Outboard Gear
Altec 436C Limiter
(2) Langevin 5116 Tube Mic Pres
(2) Langevin 251A Passive Equalizers
Gates Sta-Level Tube Limiter
JFL Audio CLF5 limiter
Lucas Tube Parametic EQ
Lucas Tube Graphic EQ
UA 1176 LN
Vintech X73 mic pre/eq (Neve 1073)
Distressor EL-8XM
Tube Tech LCA2B stereo tube compressor
Roland Space Echo RE-201
Orban 111B Spring Reverb
Audicon Plate Reverb
Gates mixer with tube mic pres
Berlant Concertone Tube mic pre/DI

Keyboards, samplers, drum machines

Hammond Organ and Leslie
Fender Rhodes Suitcase 88
Wurlitzer Electric Piano Model 206
Wurlitzer Electric Piano (tube model)
Baldwin Acrosonic Piano
Farfisa Compact
ARP Quartet
Nord Electro 61
Maestro Rhythm King

2 Vintage Ludwig Kits
20" Bass drum, 16" Floor Tom, 13" Rack Tom
22" Bass drum, 16" Floor Tom, 14" Rack Tom
Many different snare drums

Fender Silverface Super Reverb
Fender Silverface Deluxe
Fender Silverface Champ
Maganatone M15 (true stereo vibrato)
Magnatone Custom 410
Ampeg B15
Ampeg V4B and 4 10" reissue cab

Early 70s Fender telecaster
Gibson 335 w/ Humbuckers
Gibson 335 w/ P90s
Gibson J40 Acoustic
Jerry Jones Electric Sitar
Baritone Guitar
1973 Fender Precision Bass
1940s Kay Upright Bass
Many guitar pedals from Electro-Harmonix, Maestro and more

We have other equipment available upon request


Concord/Stax Records
Jay Reatard
Fat Possum Records
Al Kapone
The City Champs
David Banner
DJ Shadow
Cyndi Lauper
Darren Hanlon
Deke Dickerson and Nikki Hill

Paramount Pictures
Jack Oblivian
Memphis Chamber of Commerce
The Bo-Keys
Harvey Scales
Norton Records
The Tunnel Clones
The Dirty Streets
John Nemeth
Robin McKelle

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